[USRP-users] Is there an E310 OpenBTS image?

david wang pow4ever at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 20:35:24 EDT 2015

Total RF/EE/SDR/USRP/OpenBTS newbie here.
Too many gaps to filled...
I did followed the tutorial and got a FM receiver working and now I am
hook and want to do more.

Balint Seeber have OpenBTS running on an E310 that he demo @Blackhat.
Just wondering if that image available?

Anyway I updated my newly procure e310 to:

Followed build direction here:

After creating some symlinks I got OpenBTS up and running (with 0
working configurations)
I was ecstatic; but that happiness was short lived.

I used an old 8gb SD card(it's all I had) and after couple power
cycle; I am getting quite a bit of block read error :-(
fsck the partition didn't help.

The build process isn't too difficult but time consuming.
It would be very helpful for newbie like me.


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