[USRP-users] Output range of LFRX and input range of LFTX

Jeon sjeon87+usrpusers at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 02:33:26 EDT 2015

First, I'd like to transmit bipolar signal through LFTX on USRP N210.
An additional analog circuit will be connected to the output port.

Is it possible for me to guess how large peak-to-peak voltage will be
driven from LFTX?
I've found that some says, '7 dBm'
That means, does the voltage depend on bandwidth and impedance of analog
circuit and so on?

And for the second, at the receiver side, I have two options.

1. To feed a unipolar signal directly into LFRX on USRP N210.
2. To convert a unipoalr signal into a bipolar signal using op-amp and feed
it into LFRX.

What value of peak-to-peak voltage is safe to the LFRX in order not to burn
the daughterboards?
I need to determine the output range of analog circuit if I choose (1) and
I need to determine the value of op-amp gain if I choose (2).

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