[USRP-users] Additional parameters for uhd::stream_args_t

Dario Fertonani dario.fertonani at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 23:36:47 EDT 2015

On this list I have been reading about the effectiveness of parameters
like recv_frame_size and num_recv_frames, so I'll try too, with the usual
goal of minimizing TX errors (U/L) and RX errors (O).
Is the usage in the following code correct? In particular, my concern is
how the four parameters (recv_frame_size, num_recv_frames, send_frame_size,
num_send_frames) are allocated to rxStream and txStream. Any way to verify
from the logs that the request was actually granted? I understand that the
65536 value is too big for my B210, but memory waste is not a concern at
the moment.

    //create rx streamer
    uhd::stream_args_t rxStreamParams;
    /*other stuff*/
    rxStreamParams.args[ "spp" ] = str( boost::format( "%d" ) %
ChunkSamples );
    rxStreamParams.args[ "recv_frame_size" ] = str( boost::format( "%d" ) %
65536 );
    rxStreamParams.args[ "num_recv_frames" ] = str( boost::format( "%d" ) %
256 );
    rxStream = rfBoard->get_rx_stream( rxStreamParams );

    //create tx streamer
    uhd::stream_args_t txStreamParams;
    /*other stuff*/
    txStreamParams.args[ "spp" ] = str( boost::format( "%d" ) %
ChunkSamples );
    txStreamParams.args[ "send_frame_size" ] = str( boost::format( "%d" ) %
65536 );
    txStreamParams.args[ "num_send_frames" ] = str( boost::format( "%d" ) %
256 );
    txStream = rfBoard->get_tx_stream( txStreamParams );
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