[USRP-users] GPSDO and B210

Sharath sa691 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 5 21:11:26 EDT 2015

Reposting an old thread to see if there has been any progress.I installed a board mounted GPSDO on my B210. The problem is that this now requires a valid GPS fix to proceed, else I get a "No GPRMC message found".Now with an active GPS antenna, outdoors, the GPSDO picks up a signal easily. Indoors it is still iffy. Without the active GPS antenna, there is very little hope indoors even near a window. So my strategy now is to go outdoors, get the GPS fix and then continue my work indoors. Not ideal...Now my questions:
(i) Is there a way to force the B2100 to use the internal clock and not wait for the GPS fix for all applications? For example I don't want to change the uhd_usrp_proble executable, but would like the board to use the internal clock and not wait for GPS fix. Is there a way to toggle the mode from automatic to internal clock for all applications via a jumper or other means? I don't want to recompile other working applications just because I have installed the GPSDO.

Separately:(ii) Once the GPS actually starts working, how can I use gpsd to get the gps data. That is the web page http://files.ettus.com/manual/page_gpsdo_b2x0.html says "Other information can be fetched as well. You can query the lock status with the gps_locked sensor, as well as obtain raw NMEA sentences using the gps_gprmc, and gps_gpgga sensors. Location information can be parsed out of the gps_gpgga sensor by using gpsd or another NMEA parser."
I am able to get some of the data, but it seems that the $GPGSV string is not part of the code currently. Anyway the code can be updated to get these strings also output by default?Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks, Sharath
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