[USRP-users] E310 Rx Timeout with higher sampling rates

Voss, Nathan J VossN at battelle.org
Thu Apr 30 14:45:13 EDT 2015

I am in the process of porting code that was built and tested successfully on a USRP N200 to a USRP E310. The sampling rate is user-configurable, and we really need to support as large a bandwidth as possible. On the N200, my code worked fine for sampling rates up to ~15Msps, but on the E310 the same code is struggling to run over about 500Ksps. 

When I set the sampling rate on the E310 above about 500Ksps, I initially get one or two 'O' overflow notifications, and then start to get timeout errors very frequently. My code is fairly simple, in that I'm calling 'usrp->recv()' in a pretty tight loop, very similar to the 'rx_samples_to_file' example. The timeout value I'm passing into the recv() call is currently 3.0 seconds, and my 'nsampls_per_buf' is typically 512.

Thanks for your help.

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