[USRP-users] B210 bad packet errors with sc8 wire format

Weaver, Tyler tweaver at lgsinnovations.com
Thu Apr 30 10:53:00 EDT 2015


I am getting bad packet errors, the exact error is below when doing sc8 wire format reads with rx_samples_to_file however I get no errors when running benchmark_rate.  What could cause this?

I have tested this on 4 separate computers, all with similar specs, i7, 16gig ram, solid stated hard drives on fedora 21, mac OS X, and ubuntu LTS.  In all cases I get the same result.  Also, sc16 with rx_samples_to_file writing to null results in overflow errors on all computers, yet no errors when run with benchmark_rate.  When an overflow error is returned is there a way for me to know how many samples were lost so I could just insert zeros to keep timing accurate?  Also, I don’t believe writing to the hard drive is too slow as I have a N210 that I can run rx_smaples_to_file at a rate of 50MS/s with no errors.

All of the computers are running UHD 3.8.2 built from source.

Thank you for your help.


$ ./rx_samples_to_file --rate 28e6 —null --args "master_clock_rate=56e6" --freq 2e9 --stats --wirefmt sc8

Mac OS; Clang version 6.0 (clang-600.0.56); Boost_105500; UHD_003.008.002-0-unknown

Creating the usrp device with: master_clock_rate=56e6...

-- Operating over USB 3.

-- Detecting internal GPSDO.... Found an internal GPSDO

-- Initialize CODEC control...

-- Initialize Radio control...

-- Performing register loopback test... pass

-- Performing register loopback test... pass

-- Performing CODEC loopback test... pass

-- Performing CODEC loopback test... pass

-- Asking for clock rate 56.000000 MHz

-- Actually got clock rate 56.000000 MHz

-- Performing timer loopback test... pass

-- Performing timer loopback test... pass

-- Setting references to the internal GPSDO

-- Initializing time to the internal GPSDO

Using Device: Single USRP:

  Device: B-Series Device

  Mboard 0: B210

  RX Channel: 0

    RX DSP: 0

    RX Dboard: A

    RX Subdev: FE-RX2

  RX Channel: 1

    RX DSP: 1

    RX Dboard: A

    RX Subdev: FE-RX1

  TX Channel: 0

    TX DSP: 0

    TX Dboard: A

    TX Subdev: FE-TX2

  TX Channel: 1

    TX DSP: 1

    TX Dboard: A

    TX Subdev: FE-TX1

Setting RX Rate: 28.000000 Msps...

Actual RX Rate: 28.000000 Msps...

Setting RX Freq: 2000.000000 MHz...

-- Successfully tuned to 2000.000000 MHz


Actual RX Freq: 2000.000000 MHz...

Waiting for "lo_locked": ++++++++++ locked.

Press Ctrl + C to stop streaming...

UHD Error:

    The receive packet handler caught an exception.

    ValueError: bad vrt header or packet fragment

Error: Receiver error: ERROR_CODE_BAD_PACKET

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