[USRP-users] Timeout while streaming error while implementing receiving samples in different thread

kamal kumar jeldi jeldi.kamal2011 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 02:34:28 EDT 2015

Hi Marcus,

Once again thanks for your kind/patient reply, Since the reply is huge, it
took me time to reply to each suggestion you answered.

I am not using any other third party library ( like threading building
blocks, tbb) for concurrent queue. with some knowledge from books and
online sources we have coded our own, here is the implementation ( if it
might helps for other trying the same threading problem ) code pasted in

pastebin link : *http://pastebin.com/H0yqkfgB

In the above code, I have removed all template classes and hard coded it
for type 'double'. It worked perfectly in normal compilation:
*g++ -std=c++11 source.cpp -o exec -lpthread*
So, from the above code and mail body with sub: "setting thread priority
during multi threading", you might have understood that, the problem is
from UHD ( ERROR_CODE_TIMEOUT) itself.

Are you suggesting me to test by altering the time_out parameter in recv()
?, To exactly find out where the Timeout While streaming is coming..??

1.) We have n't set any value in the constructor of time_spec_t for
steam_cmd. it is un-disturbed.

2.) I am using a Highend system for executing the code ( Lenovo Y510P ), So
system resources should n't be any problem. No, We are unable to receive
any samples, What we get is a

        *Timeout while streaming*

We have tried by placing small stubs before and after recv() command,

3.) yeah, the timeout might not be sufficient. If it is so, why would it
take so much time, to push samples to PC...?? does timeout really varies
from experiment to experiment..??

This is the stream_cmd_t we are using for our test,

*uhd::stream_cmd_t stream_cmd((num_requested_samples == 0)?
uhd::stream_cmd_t::STREAM_MODE_NUM_SAMPS_AND_DONE    );
stream_cmd.num_samps = num_requested_samples;    stream_cmd.stream_now =
true;    stream_cmd.time_spec = uhd::time_spec_t(); *

and --nsamps to nothing, So it should start with continuous mode. NO room
for  TIME_SPECT_T() issue :) :) .

Thank you for this great tip regarding memory management while allocating
memory space with new ( The best part of your reply) . Yeah, will work on
deleting the allocated memory locations dynamically.

We people have got some queries regarding the problem, We came up with some
conclusions why this problem occurred,

1.) Is the *const buffer reference*, semantics used for first argument
passed to recv() command is causing problem from storing samples from
board..?? if it is so, what would you suggest me, for storing different
memory locations address in the queue..??

2.) Since we got into multi threading, should we need to really take care
about uhd::set_thread_priority( priority_value, real_time) in each thread
function..??( this is why we thought of throwing a mail with different
subject), if it is so, what is the necessary care should I need to take for
multi threading.

3.) we are using new c++11 standards for creating and managing threads. Is
this causing problem..??

4.) passing parameter values to DataAcquisitionThread, is causing

Now you might be knowing that we are not working with any third party
threading libraries, Please help us in that way.

Thanks in advance,

Hoping for a solution,
Kamal Kumar Jeldi
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