[USRP-users] writting to setting register bus on x300 with the function probe from grc

Anselm Karl anselmkarl.inbox at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 29 10:16:42 EDT 2015

Hi all,

i writting to the settings register bus on a x300 with the rfnoc firmware.

It is working. I´m probing the set_register() function of the rfnoc block,
the register_address and the value are put in the args field. The value is
then written on the bus every second. (every 1/polling-frequncy) I can see
that in the prompt.

But here is the problem: If a put the label of an qui text box as the value
arg (to change the value that´s written while the graph is executed) only
the first (the devault) value of the text box is written. Changes of the
text box take no effect on the value written to the bus.

This is strange (to me), because the default value is handed over to the
function probe.

Other question: Is there any easy way in GRC to get the stored integer from
a fix point number. (I write a uint32 to the bus, but the fpga logic
reinterprets it as an fixpoint number). Rigt now i have to calculate the
stored integer elsewhere and then put it into GRC.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

*Anselm Karl*
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