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Marcus Müller marcus.mueller at ettus.com
Wed Apr 29 03:03:45 EDT 2015

Hi Awantha,

the USRPs are devices that usually have a front-end (integrated in
things like the B200, or on the daughterboards in cases of N200/X300
etc) which takes the RF signal, mixes it with the LO frequency, and then
gives a complex baseband to a dual-ADC. That dual-ADC samples the signal
and thus makes it a digital baseband signal.
Then, there's digital "fine-tuning" in the DSP logic, and decimation to
the sampling rate you request, but you don't have to concern you too
much (or at all) -- what's important is that, yes, the USRP will always
give you digital complex baseband samples, with the baseband
representing the RF passband at the the specified center frequency.

Best regards,

On 04/29/2015 12:51 AM, Awantha Jayasiri via USRP-users wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a quick question, when a signal is streamed back(using both
> gnu_radio and direct UHD access) is the frequency of the recorded
> signal is lowered by the specified center frequency?
> Thanks and regards
> Awantha
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