[USRP-users] E310 network mode throughput

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 11:35:11 EDT 2015

> Has anyone done any benchmarking pulling data off the E310 in network mode?
> I can only get about 4 Mbps (1 MSps 16bit complex) off the device without
> dropping data and getting overflows.  On the E310 itself, the
> usrp_e3x0_network_mode process pegs the cpu pretty quickly with sample rates
> of 2 MSps and above.
> Any plans to optimize this?  I'd like to use the E310 in a similar fashion
> as the N210 and saturate the NIC bandwidth at around 25 MSps.

Good luck with that ...

Pure synthetic benchmark of the zynq show barely 500 Msps (ethernet
used from linux, 1496 bytes packets).
And that's with it dedicating the entirety of the CPU just to send
fake data in a loop.



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