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Dan Sego bubbadoradar at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 12:05:54 EDT 2015

Resending the question below. With an addition. Operating both units,
laptop and signal generator off a single power strip, I changed from lab
power to an inverter (looking at/for any degradation that might result from
noisy power). The inverter could not supply sufficient power, the signal
gen tripped off line as did the laptop. Measurements made subsequently show
an order of magnitude degradation

Question: is the GPSDO susceptible to damage in low voltage/low power
instance? If so is there a repair option from Ettus (emails to Ettus tech
support have not been returned)

vr. Dan

thank you
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Subject: N200 stability
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Good morning the list.

I have 2 N200s w/ WBX connected via MIMO cable with an internal GPSDO on
the master. I have attached calculated intra-channel and inter-channel
phase stability calculations on from a tone generator. The results over
approximately 100 seconds demonstrate about 0.15 radians of drift with
a fair amount of low frequency noise. The low frequency noise (1 Hz-ish) is
common to both channels.

Are these results consistent with expectations? I have also attached the
two channel code as I'm still not completely sure that I have configured
the clock correctly (and by coincidence just seeing hanwen's posted query,
in particular the option of GPSDO or? MIMO).

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks
Dan Sego
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