[USRP-users] Subdevice Spec on X300

Martin Braun martin.braun at ettus.com
Mon Apr 20 18:04:54 EDT 2015

The convention didn't change, and we've had support for skipping side-A
since 3.7.1 IIRC. So what you're doing seems correct, and I know I've
done exactly that in the past (with older versions than 3.8.1, too).


On 20.04.2015 14:16, John Malsbury via USRP-users wrote:
> I am trying to use a subdevice spec "B:0" to set the output of a
> single-channel tx stream to an SBX daughterboard on slot B.  However, it
> still seems to land on daughterboard A when it initializes. Did the
> subdev convention change at all with X300?  Or does the X300 just not
> support "skipping" slot A?
> UHD Release 3.8.1
> -John
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