[USRP-users] New to USRP Application

Mike McLernon Mike.McLernon at mathworks.com
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Hi MD,

If you have the Communications System Toolbox from MathWorks, you can perform a free download of a USRP support package to enable connectivity between your USRP2 and N210 devices.  (Support for USRP1 is not available from MathWorks.)  You can go to http://www.mathworks.com/hardware-support/usrp.html to find information about the support package.


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I am new to USRP devices and their programing using either GRC, Matlab , or LabVIEW.  I have USRP, USRP 2, USRPN210 devices, I would like to program them to perform simple RF recording (I & Q data) .  I sincerely appreciate receiving guidance to start.


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