[USRP-users] FasTrack GRC Project

Derek Murphy cyrus104 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 15:44:05 EDT 2015

I've watched several videos of Balint conducting research into the FasTrack
passes and in one video he said he would publish all the code / grc files.
I have not found any of those posted.

I was wondering if anyone has the grc file he is referring to. I am also
interested in learning about how to send a signal to interrogate the
FasTrack and then have the usrp receive the response and parse the result.

I'm working on make a grc project to do this but I am fairly new to GRC /
SDRs. I've done the basic FM receiver / FM transmitter. I also have a HAM
license and have listed to HF using an upconverter.

Thanks for the help
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