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**********************************************************************                           NEWSDR 2015                             **                                                                   **           New England Workshop on Software-Defined Radio          **                                                                   **                           Fifth-Annual                            **                                                                   **                            Main Event                             **                 Friday May 22, 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM                  **                                                                   **                     GNU Radio Hacking Workshop                    **                Thursday May 21, 5:00 PM - 9:30 PM                 **                                                                   **               Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)               **                        Worcester, MA, USA                         **                                                                   **                     http://www.sdr-boston.org/                    **                                                                   **                          Free Registration                        **                                                                   **********************************************************************                     INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE
You are cordially invited to the 2015 New England Workshop onSoftware Defined Radio (NEWSDR 2015), which is the fifth installmentof an annual series of workshops organized by the Boston SDR UserGroup (SDR-Boston).
This year, NEWSDR will be held at the Rubin Campus Center ofWorcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and consists of a day-longMain Event on Friday, and a GNU Radio Hacking Workshop (GRHW) on theevening before. People are welcome to attend either or both.
*********************************************************************                            MAIN EVENT
                   Friday May 22, 7:30 AM - 4 PM
KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  *  Professor frederic harris, San Diego State University
INVITED SPEAKERS:  *  Professor Miriam Leeser, Northeastern University  *  Professor Mieczyslaw Kokar, Northeastern University
TECHNICAL POSTER PRESENTATIONS:  *  Covering the recent work in SDR and cognitive radio technology  *  Poster presentations are now being solicited  *  See link at the bottom of this email to submit your abstract
SPONSORS:  *  The MathWorks Inc.  *  National Instruments / Ettus Research  *  MediaTek Wireless Inc.  *  Wireless Innovation Laboratory (WI Lab) at WPI
DEMOS & TECHNICAL SEMINARS FROM:  *  The MathWorks Inc.  *  National Instruments / Ettus Research
COMPLIMENTARY:  *  Free parking  *  Free breakfast, lunch, coffee provided
The Main Event features invited speakers, technical posterpresentation sessions, hardware and software demonstrations from theevent sponsors, and two technical seminars, all focusing on recentwork in SDR and cognitive radio technology.
The event provides an excellent networking opportunity and a terrificvenue to exchange thoughts and ideas with other people working inthe SDR space.
*********************************************************************                 GNU Radio Hacking Workshop (GRHW)
                  Thursday May 21, 5 PM - 9:30 PM
HOST:  *  Dr. Tom Rondeau, Rondeau Research LLC
COMPLIMENTARY:  *  Free parking  *  Free pizza, drinks, and dessert provided
The GRHW is a great opportunity for people to learn about how toproductively use GNU Radio and USRP devices. The workshop is aimedat both novice users as well as at those with some previous basicexperience.
The GRHW will be run by Dr. Tom Rondeau, who will briefly speak aboutthe current state and future directions of the GNU Radio project.Afterwards, a brief GNU Radio tutorial will follow.
Then attendees will work individually or in groups to implement acommunications system from scratch, with guidance from on-hand staffto answer questions and help with problems. A working system will bepresented at the end.
Attendees are required to bring their own laptops, but USRP radios aswell as bootable live USB flash drives will be provided. Nothing willneed to be installed on attendees' laptops.
*********************************************************************                           REGISTRATION
  *  Registration is completely free
  *  Registration takes less than 5 minutes
  *  Registration includes free parking and free food
  *  You must register online in order to receive a voucher for     free parking and free food
  *  Attendance, food, parking are all limited, so please register     online as soon as possible to secure your spot
  *  Registration deadline is Friday May 15
  *  See link at the bottom of this announcement to register online
  *  Your registration information will be kept confidential and     private, and will *not* be shared with any other third-party
*********************************************************************                               LINKS
POSTER ABSTRACT SUBMISSION:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UIixAhRdaTHP7eNDxD7kwwmKfFQlvXB-DKDFjJupwHo/viewform
*********************************************************************                      ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
             More information, and the event schedule,            for this event can be found at our website:
*********************************************************************                                EOF*********************************************************************

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