[USRP-users] Question about LO Locked

Martin Braun martin.braun at ettus.com
Fri Apr 10 12:30:35 EDT 2015

On 10.04.2015 09:26, Wallace, Frank L CIV NSWCDD, Q41 via USRP-users wrote:
> I have two N210 radios connected with the MIMO cable.  On the master
> radio, I told it to use an external reference source.  I have the
> slave using the MIMO reference. This worked well until one day I
> forgot to turn on the 10 MHz external reference and didn't notice.
> The "Ref Locked" sensor still reported true even though there was no
> signal on the input.  What is the "Ref Locked" supposed to tell me.
> I thought it would tell me when it doesn't have an external
> reference.

That is true only if you tell the device to actually use an external 
reference. Then, this sensor can be used to tell you if the external 10 
MHz is working (but more importantly, that the PLL for the reference 
clock is locked).


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