[USRP-users] Receiving samples with dealy at regular intervals

kamal kumar jeldi jeldi.kamal2011 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 15:32:52 EDT 2015


I am working on B210 USRP board. I am playing with rx_sample_to_file code
from examples.

I want USRP board to receive samples for a span of time( in microseconds)
and stop receiving for some time and then again receive and so on..

<-- RXP---> <-NRXP->  <-- RXP---> <-NRXP-> <-- RXP---> <-NRXP-> <-- RXP--->
|--------------|                    |--------------|
|--------------|                    |--------------|                    |

RXP : receiving period
NRXP : No receiving period

Can a simple sleep() is suffice..??

or Can someone suggest some method.??

Thanks in advance
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