[USRP-users] rfnoc, using the settings register bus

Anselm Karl anselmkarl.inbox at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 8 08:16:48 EDT 2015


i want to write a rfnoc block with some settings registers.

On the fpga side things are quite clear: (Correct me if i am wrong.)
There are the signals set_addr, set_data and set_strb. The settings
registers gets written with the set_data if the address matches and
ste_strb is high. The UHD translates the rfnoc-id to the block name in the
xml descriptor.

On the host side its a little more complicated:
The getting started says a own block control has to be witten. (a public
header, an implementation and a xml descriptor) To use it in GRC, the
generic block descriptor template has to be customized to fit the header
and the block name in the xml descriptor. (I have not done it, but i handle
it, i think.)

But some blocks (the FIFO loopback for example) only have a xml descriptor,
as far as i see. I guess, that is because they only use the base
functionality of some rfnoc class.

So here´s my question:
Is there any (generic) way to write to a settings register in an rfnoc
block from GRC without doing an own block control? (By only making a xml
descriptor and the block descriptor for GRC) Something like putting the
register address and the binary value in the args argument?

Its for testing the blocks fpga design. I don´t need any plausibility check
on the host side right now. It would save a lot of time, because for a
additional register one would not need to change any host side code.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

*Anselm Karl*
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