[USRP-users] DVB-x (was: Again performance issues B210, while BladeRF performs fine)

Ralph A. Schmid, dk5ras ralph at schmid.xxx
Thu Apr 2 15:29:41 EDT 2015

You're a champ! Video is 1a, in 8 MHz 7/8 QAM64 on 474 MHz, just no audio,
but this was a quick and dirty test while I am doing some other stuff...


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Sorry for the late reply. Comcast blocks certain addresses on re-mailers,
and I missed your e-mail.

I have a bunch of DVB-T test streams on my website. They are listed in this
post on the Nuand forum.




I adjusted the subject...

The issue with DVB-T were the 10 threads in FFT settings; reducing this to
one thread gives a stable and spectrum-wise OK looking signal, around 40dB
above noise when transmitted over a distance of one or two meters. So I took
my old laptop, went through the hassle installing a completely new Windows 7
and the DVB-T receiver stuff (DVBViewer and a RTL2832 based RX), and I was
able to find "something" on the chosen channel, with 55% signal strength, a
garbled channel name showed up, but no picture. At least somehow it looks
like a DVB-T signal, when I find some time I will try tweaking the settings
if I can get real reception. Oh, the receiver is OK, I can watch normal TV
with it, using just 15cm of wire as antenna. Next week I should have access
to a DVB-x antenna tester, maybe this beast can tell me more about the

What example with the supplied test.ts is recommended for being received
with a normal receiver?


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