[USRP-users] Conformation Of Maximum Ratings N200, LFRX And Full Scale Deflection ADC

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1.2V P, or 2.4V P-P, as far as I know. 

That's about 11dBm, and I normally think of these as putting out "about
10Bm max" with about 3dB back-off to keep from clipping. 

There'll be some variability. 

I'd take measurements, if you have your N2xx already with LFRX/LFTX. 

On 2015-04-02 13:05, Michael Scott wrote: 

> So just to clarify it would be 2.4 V P-P or 1.2 V P. 
> Thank You, 
> Mike 
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> I think both the ADC and DAC use a roughly 1.2V reference, so that's roughly where the peak voltage would be. 
> On 2015-04-02 12:53, Michael Scott via USRP-users wrote: 
>> Hi All, 
>> We are looking at the some of the absolute maximums for the Ettus N200. I have done some reading and the maximum power for the LFRX is 10 dBm this is 2 V P-P. I believe it can handle 3.3 V P-P. But they use this spec because the most the ADC can handle without damage 2 V P-P. We are using the LFRX D'Card this has no gain on the frontend. Can you confirm this is true? 
>> The other main question that I have is that we are trying to figure out how much power we can put into are transmitter. So we are wondering what voltage on the ADC gives all bits set to a digital ' 1'? In other words what gives full scale deflection of the ADC. 
>> Mike 
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