[USRP-users] RFNOC - multiply TX and RX streams (multiple block ports in a single RFNoC block to multiply)

Itay Cnaan-On itay.cnaan.on at duke.edu
Wed Apr 1 13:15:44 EDT 2015


I have a communication application which uses FMCW waveform for TX and the RX is a backscatter reflections from some RFID.

The RX is de-mixed (multiplied) by a copy of the TX signal. Multiplication is done in bandpass, then filtered and I am only interested in the baseband of the de-mixing output for further data processing.

I would like to use the FPGA for this multiplication, in order to avoid over-loading the host with a bandpass signal processing.

I couldn't find any computation engine in RFNOC that does that multiplication.

I therefore would like to use the NOC shell to create such block.


  1.  Is there anyone who have tried something similar in RFNOC?
  2.  Can RFNOC support a block that handles two streams (RX and TX) as input to same block?
  3.  The computation engine block ADDSUB operates on two streams. This seems similar structure to what we need. Does it support RX and TX addition/subtraction?



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