[USRP-users] Two receivers (LFRX daughterboard) in a single USRP x300

jesus gavilan garcia jegavilgar at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 05:07:05 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I need to receive two signals at the same time using a single USRP x300.
I’ve just tested with  a simple setup using GRC and configuring the both
UHD:USRP receiver modules  correctly (same ip address,  proper subdev spec,
‘RX’ config at both USRPs)  but I’ve just received samples by only one
daughterboard. I tried to configuring both USRP at the same central
frequency and then with different frequencies but I get  the same results.
So, is it possible to use 2 LFRX (DC-30MHz) daughterboards at the same time
in a single USRP x300?

I am  assuming that one USRP could handle with 4 streams simultaneously. Is
this assumption wrong?


Jesus Gavilan
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