[USRP-users] Success report: B200/USB 3.0 card/Core i7-2600

Robert McIntyre rjmcinty at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 30 15:44:41 EDT 2014

Just wanted to drop a quick note about the 100% successful USB transfers I'm (finally) able to get with my B200.  I'm using the following hardware:
- Asus P8Z68 motherboard
- HooToo HT-PC002 USB 3.0 card  (based on VIA VL805)
- Core i7-2600 cpu
- 16GB of RAM
- SSD hard drive
- OS: Debian Testing
- UHD: Built from head of master branch
I tried the onboard Intel USB 3 ports, and they weren't able to operate at USB 3.0 at all, they only registered the B200 as USB 2.0.  So, I added the VL805-based USB 3.0 card, and am able to use the UHD benchmark tool with a --rx_rate of 32e6 with zero overruns/underflows, repeatable.
I'll be setting up gnuradio shortly and loading the CPU down a bit and see how it works.
I have the same USB 3.0 board in my windows 8.1 box (newer CPU/motherboard), and it works well, but still experiences some drops at that rate, though 16e6 is rock-solid.
Hope this helps someone else get a good config set up!
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