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Based on my experience with UHD.dll in a Windows C++ project I think you’ll have to write a C++ DLL which uses UHD.DLL and in your own DLL expose the functions you need, this can be done, I’ve done it (proof in this screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/ogm5mvqly8v9zf5/Screenshot-2014-09-29-101001.png?dl=0 ).


Myself I’m seriously thinking about interfacing to the B200 / B210 directly, using just some of the lower-level code inside UHD.dll.


UHD.dll is a massive piece of co, I am very interested in how you get on with this. Maybe Windows developers should provide a self-help group J .


Simon Brown G4ELI


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I'm trying to use uhd.dll in C# program. I've tried to use DllImport with decorated names, without success. Dose anyone can provide any leads for working with uhd.dll and C#?


Thanks in advance,

                           Nir 4Z7DEF

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