[USRP-users] change the master clock rate in N2x0

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Exactly. If you check the code for the LTE_fdd_dl_scan utility (LTE_fdd_dl_scan_flowgraph.cc), you will see that a resample filter is used for the USRP Nx model.

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In fact it's the other way around all USRP's EXCEPT the B2x0 (and X3x0) have a fixed sample/clock rate.
Amongst other reasons, the specification of the anti-alias analog filtering on the all the daughter cards is determined by the sample clock…the filter logic is not programmable hence a flexible sample rate is of limited use.
B2x0 can do this because it has a very new and unique radio with programable analog filters.
LTE radios built on N2x0 are quite possible and work well, you just have to resample to a LTE related rate.


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I would like to run openLTE project on USRP N2x0 but it doesn't work due to the fixed 100MHz clock rate in N2X0.

I am wondering if there is a way to change the clock rate in N2XO. As we know, B2x0 has configurable clock rate, but N2x0 has fixed rate.
I can't make sense why N2x0 should be set to fixed clock rate. All other products are possible to change the clock rate except N2x0.

Any answers would be appreciated.

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