[USRP-users] [UHD-3.7.3-RC1] Bugfix Release Announcement

Martin Braun martin.braun at ettus.com
Thu Sep 25 15:42:32 EDT 2014

My apologies, the tag is actually to be found  here:


On 25.09.2014 12:07, Martin Braun wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> we'll soon be releasing another bugfix release (3.7.3) and are putting
> out a release candidate for now. It is tagged at
> https://github.com/EttusResearch/uhddev/tree/003_007_003_rc1.
> Users working off of the 'maint' branch will be automatically updated if
> you run a 'git pull'.
> Note: This RC includes new images, so do run uhd_images_downloader if
> you update. There is no warning or error if you don't update the images
> (because they are still compatible), but you won't benefit from the
> stability changes we introduced.
> This RC mainly includes stability issues and bugfixes. The biggest
> change is for the FPGA code, which is now easier to build.
> Enjoy!
> Martin
> 3.7.3-RC1 Changelog:
> * Fixed examples
> * Removed compiler warnings
> * Fixed CBX LO settings (FRAC truncation)
> * Fixed build issues for out-of-tree tools for some distros
> * Fixed some logging strings (SBX, GPSDO)
> * Improved logging (speedups, removed unnecessary cycles)
> * Added output sync for DAC reference clocks on X300

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