[USRP-users] Using the SC12 OTW format

Robert Kossler Robert.D.Kossler.3 at nd.edu
Thu Sep 25 10:46:20 EDT 2014

I have a B210 and just started to experiment with the 'sc12' wire format
for receiving data (where the data values are packed into 3 bytes/sample
rather than 4 bytes/sample).  This seems to work fine with the
benchmark_rate and rx_samples_to_file sample programs as long as the CPU
format is 'fc32'.  If the CPU format is 'sc16', UHD generates an error
saying essentially that there is no converter defined for going from 'sc12'
to 'sc16'.  I am wondering if there are any plans to add this converter.

I'm also wondering if this 'sc12' OTW format can be used with other devices
like X310.  I realize that  there will be a slight loss of precision when
packing the data into 12-bit values, but the increased bandwidth may make
it worthwhile.  I am thinking in particular about a use case where I would
be using the 1GbE port rather than the 10GbE in a portable setup where I
have a laptop rather than a desktop PC.  It seems I would be able to get
nearly 20MS/s (2 channel) transfer rates using this OTW format.

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