[USRP-users] Question on max. baseband bandwidth: can we go above 120 MHz on the TX side?

Marcus D. Leech mleech at ripnet.com
Tue Sep 23 13:05:54 EDT 2014

On 09/23/2014 12:50 PM, Ruben Merz via USRP-users wrote:
> Hi list,
> We were discussing with some colleagues today whether to use a USRP (x300 specifically) to generate wideband noise with a basicTX for testing purpose. According to the data-sheet, the x300 can do 120 MHz of RF bandwidth from the host. But when I look into http://www.trondeau.com/storage/grcon14/presentations/Sep16_05_Ettus_Updates.pdf, I see 300+ MHz on slide 9. And if I look further in the spec, the DAC can go up to 800 MS/s.
> Therefore my question: if we were to generate signals directly from the FPGA; would it be feasible to generate 400 MHz wide signals (I understand that the basicTX is limited to 250 MHz though)? Where would be the limitation?
> Thanks for any comment
> Ruben
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I think the bus interface on the DAC is limited to 400Msps.

But if you just want to generate broad-band noise, where the shape 
doesn't matter that much, consider a zener diode + amplifier + filter.  
I don't know
   anything about your application.  But if I had the problem of "I need 
to produce broad-band RF noise for testing things", I'd probably consider
   a hardware-based approach first.

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