[USRP-users] Routing IP packets to the straight into the DUC chain

Hrishikesh Shelar hshelar at umich.edu
Wed Sep 17 16:04:26 EDT 2014

Hey all,

If I rewired the crossover output from the secondary eth interface straight
into my custom logic in the DUC chain then all broadcast and non-USRP
destined MAC addresses will get routed into the DUC chain, correct?

Say my custom logic then gated the traffic only with MAC addresses equal to
X. Then I would manually add some IP address associated with MAC address X,
to my host computer ARP table under the interface used to communicate with
the secondary eth interface on the USRP. This would effectively create a
ghost device that resides within the USRP. Hence I still use the ZPU to
respond to the ARP requests but then I will address the ghost MAC in my

So my question is how does the flow control in the simple_gemac_wrapper
work? Do you simply enable the logic then assign a value to rx_fifo_space
and pause_tresh values? I plan to use this feature to throttle the IP
packets that will be fed to the DUC chain.

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