[USRP-users] Scheduled Antenna Switching Timing Issues

Neel Pandeya neel.pandeya at ettus.com
Sat Sep 13 00:53:22 EDT 2014

Hello Dave:

I do not think that timed commands are supported on the B200 and B210
devices (they are definitely supported on the N-series and X-series
devices). However, timed streaming (starting a stream at a specific time)
is supported. Could send me a stand-alone code segment that I could use to
see exactly what you're doing, and to reproduce your problem? I'll build
and run your code example on a B210 here, and look more closely at the

Regardless, I would still recommend that you use the latest version of UHD,
which is 3.7.2. You can get it from GitHub, and build it from source. The
link to the page is below. I think you will still benefit from using a more
recent version of UHD, as the one you're running now is old.



On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 6:01 PM, d.des <d.des at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Neel,
> Wow, I'd given up in getting a response.  The radio is a B210.  I've used
> at least 5 units and all act the same.  The version used for a recent
> thorough test was 003.007.000 but I did a quick check of the most recent
> version 2 weeks ago and it seemed the same.  I am sampling both channels at
> 2 or 4 Msps and want to switch between pairs of antennas simultaneously
> every 1,048,576 samples.  The best I can do is schedule a command for 15000
> or so samples before the end of each block and hope it gets executed.  The
> switch events are not simultaneous and sometimes they don't happen at all.
>  I noticed that the lights weren't always sequencing properly near the end
> of a recent test and confirmed from the phase data that switch events were
> often not occuring on schedule.  I had hoped to introduce frequency hopping
> as well but don't know if it's worth the effort given the uncertainty of
> switch commands getting executed.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Dave
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> ​Hello Dave:
> Timed commands should work, but you might be hitting up against a known
> limitation. Could you please tell me a little more about your system? Which
> USRP device and which version of UHD are you using? Once I know that
> information, I can give you a more detailed reply. Thanks.
> --Neel
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