[USRP-users] Using both slots of the USRP1

Marcus Müller marcus.mueller at ettus.com
Tue Sep 9 09:43:26 EDT 2014

Oh sorry, I just realized you said in your subject it was a USRP1...
In that case, I'm only still about confused about your threading
approach; as far as I would design your system, the spectrum scanning
thread would have an recv() containing loop that would be continously
run, and inform the other threads using some kind of condition or queue
mechanism about detections, and there would be no "getting back to
another thread", since that's kind of the opposite of what threads are
for (ie. running tasks asynchronously to each other and exchanging
information on certain events only).


On 09.09.2014 15:11, Marcus Müller wrote:
> Hi Yassine,
> what USRP are we talking about?
> Right now, the B210 and X3x0 are the only devices available that have
> multiple RX ADCs.
> With all other devices, you can only receive one signal at a time.
> The rest of your question is kind of convoluted, though it seems to be
> an issue with multi-threading.
> Maybe you could  make a UML timing diagram illustrating your problem and
> uploading that to imgur.com or the like?
> Greetings,
> Marcus
> On 08.09.2014 13:43, Abouda Yassine via USRP-users wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to make a program which consists of a script scanning the
>> spectrum continuously using  one side(A for example),and on the other side
>> of the USRP I would like to alternate between transmission and reception,is
>> that possible?My problem is when I used one side I scanned the spectrum
>> then I launched a thread to transmit data then I launched another thread
>> for reception of another data then I would like to get back to the main
>> thread and my program wouldn't continue to work although it gets back to
>> the first(spectrum analyzer) thread but it just stops there!!!!It's
>> complicated but I hope you inspire me with your ideas,thx
>> -yassine
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