[USRP-users] N210 RX has fixed 900MHz carrier

1158053788 at qq.com 1158053788 at qq.com
Sun Sep 7 05:35:58 EDT 2014

Hi everyone.I was using the N210 with daughter board SBX to run the OpenBTS.
When I check the receive data from the usrp, I find  there is a fixed 900MHz carrier, athough the data is noise. The carrier is 20dB higher than the noise level. 
First, I thought maybe it is the LO influence, so I used the advanced tuning,setting the LO_OFFSET.But it turned out not the LO problem. I can see another carrier, 10dB higher than the noise level. The position will change as I change the value of LO_OFFSET.But the 900MHz carrier will never change.
Then I thought may be there is interference in the air, so I remove the antenna of the usrp, but the 900MHz still exist.
I don't know why.Can anyone tell me? The usrp is N210, and the daughter board is SBX

1158053788 at qq.com
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