[USRP-users] Multiple independent tx streams?

Radio User radiogeek381 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 21:11:00 EDT 2014

I'm stuck, as my first notion of how to approach this problem is clearly

Here's what I'm trying to do:

On a B210, setup one TX channel to transmit a constant carrier at (say)
This carrier is on all the time.
On the second TX channel, I will send a modulated waveform at 5.3681GHz.
This may be a CW envelope, an SSB signal, whatever.  At times I will turn
transmit stream off entirely.

My initial inclination was to setup two subdevices (A:A and A:B), then
associate a stream with the modulated signal (using get_tx_stream with the
channels field in the stream_args set to 0) and a second stream for the
constant carrier (using a second call to get_tx_stream with the
channels field in the stream_args set to 1).

After hours of not getting this to work I found this nugget of wisdom in the
documentation for uhd::device::get_tx_stream  (but not in

Note: There can always only be one streamer. When calling get_tx_stream()
> <http://files.ettus.com/manual/classuhd_1_1device.html#a66d1bf289dd03a03df3860f3eee578c0>
> a second time, the first streamer must be destroyed beforehand.

So, I'm stumped.  Is it possible to treat the two TX channels
independently?  Right now,
given that only one streamer can exist at a time, I can't even see how to
different sample streams to channel 0 vs. channel 1.

Any pointers?

(This is part of an effort to build a minimal 10GHz transceiver with a B210
SoDaRadio.... I want to compare it to the not-so-minimal 10GHz transciever
I've built with an N200, SoDaRadio, and a whole lot of other stuff...)

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