[USRP-users] Wireless switch for MIMO?

Cochenour, Brandon M CIV NAWCAD, 4.5.6 brandon.cochenour at navy.mil
Fri Sep 5 11:36:19 EDT 2014

I've used wired Ethernet switches to combine a bunch of USRP data streams together.  The Netgear models have a plenty big "pipe" in which to carry several streams at "low enough" sample rates back to the host PC.

I have an application though in which I might not be able to get to my USRPs with a CAT-5 cable (a floating buoy!), and was considering an wireless switch (one on the buoy with the USRPs, another back with the PC).  However, it doesn't seem like the wireless devices have the same throughput.

Has anybody tried something like this?  What's the biggest pipe I can expect if I can't connect to my remote USRPs directly with a CAT-5 and two gigabit Ethernet switches?



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