[USRP-users] Why does Simulink sdru receiver block keep receiving even the model is paused?

Mike McLernon Mike.McLernon at mathworks.com
Tue Sep 2 14:56:37 EDT 2014

Hi Jae-Kark,

The SDRu Receiver block has no specific code to pause the SDRu block in its S-function.  The UHD driver is started at the start of the simulation and stopped at the end.  So, UHD keeps running and receiving data even though the block is paused.

On the other hand, since the block is paused, the buffers in the block do not update.  So, if there is data in the buffer (and most probably there is), when the simulation  is resumed, first the data in the buffer will be output, then there will be a discontinuity and new data will come.


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Hi all,

With the Simulink transmitter model (e.g., sdruqpsktx), it is possible to pause the transmission of usrp by clicking on the pause button in the simulink model. However, when I pause the Simulink receiver model, the sdru receiver block still receives, and shows those received samples as soon as I resume the model.

Can anyone help me understanding why Simulink SDRu receiver block keep receiving even the Simulink model is paused?

Is it impossible to make the SDRu receiver block (or the Simulink receiver model) stop receiving by clicking on the pause in the simulink model?

I'm using N210 w/ SBX.

Best regards,


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