[USRP-users] Starting and stopping gnuradio script

Eleftherios(Lef) Kampianakis e.kampianakis.ee at ieee.org
Fri Oct 31 19:05:43 EDT 2014


I want to implement a functionality with which I can start and stop a
gnuradio script at will. My basic algorithm is this:

while true:
   start() //I have some file sinks and sources that receive and transmitt
data respectively
   sleep(5) //Wait 5 seconds to fill the file sink
   stop() //stop saving samples to file
   signal_matlab_to_process() // inform matlab script to start process

However, when I execute this I get a

RuntimeError: top_block::start: top block already running or wait() not
called after previous stop()

But if I use wait() before stop() my script never stops due to the fact
that the file sink always sinks data.

Is there a way to signal the file sink to stop() so that the whole script
is terminated?

Thank you in advance

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