[USRP-users] x300 on Windows 7 and 10GbE: getting “S” and “U” from UHD

Serge Malo serge.malo at averna.com
Thu Oct 30 06:38:26 EDT 2014

Hi all,

We are trying to use the x300 with the 10GbE port 1.

We use it with a Dell Workstation Rack 7910 which hosts an intel X520-DA2 10GbE card, running Windows 7 x64 from a SSD.

We are using UHD 3.7.2 and UHD 3.7.3.

We have been able to read 100Msps from the x300 without problem (benchmark_rate test)

However, we can’t send 1Msps to the x300 without getting errors from UHD. We get both “S” and “U” errors: Sequence error on Tx and buffer under-runs.

Has anyone been successful sending samples to the x300 on Windows 7 with 10GbE? If so, did you have to change any parameters/registry key? Which UHD version are you using?

We have set the registry key “FastSendDatagramThreshold” to 9000.

We also have issues with the x300 fpga image in UHD 3.7.3. With this image, the ethernet connection is unstable, we can’t really connect to the x300.

So, we had to perform our tests with the image from UHD 3.7.2. We tried both uhd.dll from UHD 3.7.2 and 3.7.3, both shown the “S” problem.

Best regards,

Serge Malo
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