[USRP-users] b210 tx power

Dmitry sdr.study at yandex.ru
Thu Oct 30 02:27:14 EDT 2014


There were a few topics about b210 TX power. And mentioned value about 50mW. But...We got a very small output power on the different frequencies.

We using an agilent spectrum analizer for power measurement. 
GNUradio DBPSK flowgraph running on the host PC, with gain power control via UHD Sink block, carrier frequency 433MHz, sample rate 500k. On max gain 89dB we see the spectrum with average power -3 dBm.
B210 and analizer connected via cable with loss about 0.5 dB. Input impedance of analizer 50 Ohm.
To check the analizer we filed it with  almost the same signal from generator with power 10 dBm and the analizer measured 9.5 dBm (0.5dB loss in cabel).
The message includes the screenshot in case of Tx_gain=75dB.

Maybe someone spent such measurements and got something like that? What measurement tools u use? What kinds of signal u use? What power value u get?

Thanks in advance.
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