[USRP-users] LabView support for USRP-X310

Muhammad Hadi hadiohio at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 09:43:04 EDT 2014

We intend to work with USRP-X310 transceiver system using WBX-120 or
CBX-120 daughterboards.
Couple of inquiries ragarding this.

1) Is the UHD driver for X310 sopported in the LabView environment?  Also
can we use LabView FPGA module to program the FPGA in USRP-X310?

2) Is there a standard method to calibrate the USRP-X310 hardware in order
to ensure the measurement accuracy as well as
minimize the IQ imbalance, DC offset etc. We do have all sorts of
measurement equipments in our lab.


Muhammad Abdul Hadi
PSATRI, King Saud University
Saudi Arabia
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