[USRP-users] CMake Error: cmake_symlink_library: System Error: Operation not permitted

tides anugraha tides.anugraha at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 10:47:53 EDT 2014

Hi Marcus,

You were right, i'm building it on FAT32 partition. Should i change my
sdcard partition type to linux partition type such as ext4 to resolve this

Or is there any methods to solve this problem?

On Oct 28, 2014 9:30 PM, "Marcus Müller" <usrp-users at lists.ettus.com> wrote:

> Hi Tides,
> this is but a hopeful guess:
> I had something similar with raw "ld" quite a while back (when hard
> drive space was sparse and so was my budget) when I tried to build some
> C project on a FAT32 partition. The problem was, if I remember
> correctly, that the system couldn't set the executable bit on some files.
> Is it possible that you're building on a FAT/NTFS mount or on a network
> drive?
> Greetings,
> Marcus
> On 28.10.2014 15:25, tides anugraha via USRP-users wrote:
> > cmake_symlink_library: System Error: Operation not permitted
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