[USRP-users] [UHD 3.8.0] Release Announcement

Martin Braun martin.braun at ettus.com
Tue Oct 28 07:58:52 EDT 2014

Hello lists,

at this point, we are releasing our UHD version 3.8.0. There were some
minor changes since the release candidate, but mainly regarding
documentation, the Boost version and minor build fixes to make sure UHD
works on all platforms.

You can get this release by either pulling master branch, or checking
out the release's tag:

If you haven't pulled master for a while, it will be a huge diff (might
take a bit, don't worry). A couple of notes on this release:

- We have reorganized the firmware and fpga subdirectories. The former
was simply moved around, but the latter is now a git submodule. Run 'git
submodule init' and 'git submodule update' if you want to read and
change the fppga source code. As a result, the source tarballs will be
much smaller.
- B200 updates: We've fixed the issue with B200 rapidly losing
connection on some devices (this particular issue never existed on
maint, but for a while it was in master). The reason was the version of
the SDK we used to compile the firmware. Altogether, B200 initialization
is now much faster.
- E310: This release includes support for our upcoming embedded device.
News on the actual device will follow in the near future, so please be
- CMake improvements: Among some fixes, we now distribute a
UHDConfig.cmake file which you can use to more easily build applications
linking to UHD. We provide an example on how to do that in

We will be resetting maint branch to master soon. From then on, the
development will happen as usual:
- All bug fixes go into maint. This branch can be considered 'stable'.
- New features etc. go into master. This branch should be considered

Binary installers will follow this week.
More features and products are coming up!


## Changelog for 3.8.0
* Added E310 support
* B200/B210: Moved AD9361 controls from firmware to host
* Added several tools: ZPU dissector, improved CHDR dissector,
  kitchen sink, B200/B210 USB debugging utility, latency
  measurement tool.
* Reorganized firmware/ directory structure. Refactored some
* Removed FPGA sources, is now in own repository (submoduled).
* Cleaned up command line arguments for some tools
* Added math namespace, plus a unified float comparison infrastructure
* Fixed tuning-related bugs
* Moved manual over to Doxygen, also several manual bug fixes and
* Added many missing virtual destructors (less build warnings)
* Added support for NI-RIO 14.0
* X300 fixes: Not found over PCIe with no eth interfaces
* CMake improvements: Now comes with own UHDConfig.cmake and example
  to build standalone UHD apps, build fixes on Apple, interoperability
  with GNU Radio
* OctoClock fixes and improvements: Ethernet initialization, external
  ref detection, stability fixes, host driver (UHD can now talk to
* Examples: Improved GPIO example, rx_samples_to_file
* Bumped minimum Boost version to 1.46

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