[USRP-users] Direction finding using the B210

Soumen Banerjee soumen08 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 07:13:05 EDT 2014

I do have gnuradio installed. I have been working with the uhd examples in
C++ though. I guess Ill follow through with the rx_multi_samples example
you suggested.

Im afraid I dont completely understand your comments on baseband. If I
understand correctly, what you are saying is that when we set the receiving
center frequency on the B210, it automatically downconverts to baseband
(removing the 5GHz carrier). Is this correct?


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> On 10/24/2014 08:06 AM, Soumen Banerjee via USRP-users wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have setup uhd and gnuradio on my computer running Ubuntu 12.04 using
> > the instructions on this page:
> >
> > http://code.ettus.com/redmine/ettus/projects/uhd/wiki/UHD_Linux
> >
> > I'd like to try receiving samples from both the channels and writing
> > them to a file. What is the easiest way of achieving this?
> Do you have GNU Radio installed? If so, that'll be the easiest way.
> Otherwise, have a look at the rx_multi_samples example. It does not have
> code to write to files, but you can easily add that.
> > Say I have another SDR transmitting a random bitstream modulated over
> > some high frequency carrier(chosen to avoid interference), do I get the
> > bitstream as the samples out of the B210 or do I get samples of the
> > modulated waveform. In essence, does the B210 perform some kind of
> > down-conversion on the received signals?
> All devices mix to baseband, most often directly (no IF). You will
> receive complex baseband samples in your software.
> M
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