[USRP-users] The receiver ADC goes into saturation

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Sat Oct 25 08:28:50 EDT 2014

Hi all:
       Environment:USRP N210,14bit ADC
       According the formula:DR(dynamic range):6.02*14=84.28dB.
       And now two USRP N210 close to each other,while one is used for
transmitting and the other is used for receiving.The amplitude of the
signal which to be send is 1.The gain in the transmitter I set
31.5dB.And the gain in the receiver I set also 31.5dB.The
31.5dB*2=63<DR(dynamic range).Why the receiver goes in saturation so
easily?The signal saturates the ADC and gets clipped.Can someone
explain it to me?
       Thank you.
Best regards,
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