[USRP-users] Full Duplex vs. Half Duplex operation?

Radio User radiogeek381 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 19:10:36 EDT 2014

Fellow USRPers..

I recently saw this snippet in ...share/doc/uhd/manual/html/dboards.html

Receive Antennas: *TX/RX* or *RX2*

   - *Frontend 0:* Complex baseband signal for selected antenna
   - *Note:* The user may set the receive antenna to be TX/RX or RX2.
   However, when using a WBX board in full-duplex mode, the receive antenna
   will always be set to RX2, regardless of the settings.


When SoDaRadio sets the RX ant to "TX/RX" (via a call to set_rx_antenna)
there is no effect
(get_rx_antenna() returns "TX/RX" but the actual connection is still to
RX2).   Apparently
the USRP FPGA and/or libuhd believes that the radio is in "full duplex"

What condition of the radio determines that the radio is operating in full
duplex mode?

Note that I'm not asking what "full duplex mode" means -- I'm asking how
the USRP hardware/software
determines that it is in full duplex mode.

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