[USRP-users] Storing signals with full bandwidth of USRP x300/x310

Perper perper at o2.pl
Wed Oct 22 15:06:46 EDT 2014

Hi all,

USRP x300/x310 is able to stream 200MS/s (800MB/s), which is enormous
volume of information. Not many PC's are able to receive such flow of
data, let alone to store several dozen minutes of it.

Thus I want to ask you, USRP x300/x310 developers and users, what set of
hardware enable you to store the data flow from your USRPs?

In my case I need a system that can be powered with battery, possibly
small and mobile (quite conflicting requirements). However at the moment
proposition of any system that is able to sustain 200MS/s and store it
will be good.

Best Regars,
Piotr Krysik

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