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Terry Stevenson terrysteve2 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 12:34:46 EDT 2014

Hi Soumen,

This sounds like a problem that I was having a while ago (assuming you're
on Ubuntu, otherwise I have no idea). It appears to be an issue in the UHD
driver, hopefully it is fixed in a future update. My workaround is a bit
weird, but I was able to make it stop crashing by first lowering the sample
rate, then raising it back up. For example, uhd_fft defaults to 1Msps, if I
leave it there, it runs a while and then crashes. If I lower it to 500 ksps
it runs awhile and still crashes. However, if I lower it to 250 ksps, then
raise it back to 500 ksps, it will run for weeks and still not crash. It's
very strange, but it's consistent. For reference, I'm using 3.7.2.

Hope this helps,

> Greetings!
> I managed to install gnuradio and uhd and it seems to be able to detect
> the usrp device. It shows up in the output of lsusb.
> I was trying out the simple fm radio demonstration and that one kept
> crashing. No debug output, nothing. It just froze. So I thought Ill look at
> the basics and tried to run the uhd_fft app (from path). I put the sampling
> frequency in the FM band since I know the FM stations over here and I was
> able to see peaks at the expected frequencies, but its not a continuous
> FFT. It just freezes immediately after the first graph is plotted. Is there
> something that Im missing? Im inclined to think that the installation went
> all right because the peaks in the snapshot FFT match so well with the
> expected radio stations!
> I noted that someone else has had this problem with a N210 before, and
> they solved it by updating the OS and playing around with the Ethernet
> settings, but Im connected to the B210 over USB, so that method can't be
> tried.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Soumen
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