[USRP-users] USRP X300/X310 reference daisy-chain

Michael West michael.west at ettus.com
Thu Oct 16 20:36:36 EDT 2014

Hi Rob,

Characterization of the daisy-chaining for the X3x0s has not been
completed, so it is not possible to say at this time.  Officially,
daisy-chaining is not yet supported.

That said, I believe there is buffering on the lines so, in theory, an
unlimited number of devices can be daisy-chained.  Some propagation delay
from device to device is expected (varies dependent on cable length), so
the limitation is primarily dependent on how tightly all the devices need
to be synchronized for a particular application.  The bottom line is that
daisy-chaining is still experimental, so you will have to try it to see if
it works for you.

Best regards,
Michael E. West

On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 3:30 PM, Rob Miller via USRP-users <
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> Hi -
> Does anyone know a practical maximum for the number of USRP X300/310s that
> can have their references (10MHz/1PPS) daisy-chained together.
> Best,
> Rob
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