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Hi Balint,


Thank you for the file and the instructions. This morning I already changed to master, downloaded the images and recompiled the most important programs that link to uhd, maybe during lunch break I will find some time and try out your suggestions. 




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Hi Ralph,

With 'master' UHD, please load the attached FW onto your device using uhd_find_devices --args="fw=<path to .hex>"

And then run 'b2x0_side_channel.py' inside the attached tarball.

Make a note of the following counter values in your output:

    phy_error_count: 00214    link_error_count: 00000    PHY_LOCK_EV: 00000    TRAINING_ERROR_EV: 00000    RX_ERROR_CRC32_EV: 00000    RX_ERROR_CRC16_EV: 00000    RX_ERROR_CRC5_EV: 00000    PHY_ERROR_DISPARITY_EV: 00000    PHY_ERROR_EB_UND_EV: 00001    PHY_ERROR_EB_OVR_EV: 00000    PHY_ERROR_DECODE_EV: 00001


Some will be non-zero, which is fine (e.g. phy_error_count). You can ignore the "usb_error_update_count" value.


Then in another console, run whichever apps tend to cause the issue to manifest itself, and keep an eye on those counters. If any of them go up dramatically, that's a clue.




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> On a side note, I have the suspicion that when people are talking about 'this issue', it's not always the same one. We really appreciate

This is also my guess. It seems I have two issues here, one general virtual machine issue that has nothing to do with the uhd version, but just with getting somehow out of sync in USB communication from other activity on the system. From this the system can recover, with openbts even automatically by restarting the service. The other issue with to me identical looking signs is uhd version dependent and happens even when the machine is idle and the vmware stuff does not slow down USB transfers.

> all bug reports, but please, if something fails, give us as much detail as possible, even if repeating information.
> Thanks,
> Martin


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