[USRP-users] [UHD 3.7.3] Release Announcement

Balint Seeber balint.seeber at ettus.com
Wed Oct 8 18:05:51 EDT 2014

Hi Ralph,

With 'master' UHD, please load the attached FW onto your device using
uhd_find_devices --args="fw=<path to .hex>"

And then run 'b2x0_side_channel.py' inside the attached tarball.

Make a note of the following counter values in your output:

    phy_error_count: 00214    link_error_count: 00000    PHY_LOCK_EV:
00000    TRAINING_ERROR_EV: 00000    RX_ERROR_CRC32_EV: 00000
RX_ERROR_CRC16_EV: 00000    RX_ERROR_CRC5_EV: 00000

Some will be non-zero, which is fine (e.g. phy_error_count).* You can
ignore the "usb_error_update_count" value.*

Then in another console, run whichever apps tend to cause the issue to
manifest itself, and keep an eye on those counters. If any of them go up
dramatically, that's a clue.


On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 11:48 AM, Ralph A. Schmid, dk5ras via USRP-users <
usrp-users at lists.ettus.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> > On a side note, I have the suspicion that when people are talking about
> 'this issue', it's not always the same one. We really appreciate
> This is also my guess. It seems I have two issues here, one general
> virtual machine issue that has nothing to do with the uhd version, but just
> with getting somehow out of sync in USB communication from other activity
> on the system. From this the system can recover, with openbts even
> automatically by restarting the service. The other issue with to me
> identical looking signs is uhd version dependent and happens even when the
> machine is idle and the vmware stuff does not slow down USB transfers.
> > all bug reports, but please, if something fails, give us as much detail
> as possible, even if repeating information.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Martin
> Ralph.
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