[USRP-users] Need advice to find out the appropriate place in module radio of X310 FPGA code to observe sample streams

Isen I-Chun Chao chao926 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 01:38:10 EDT 2014

I am tracing *radio.v *of X310 FPGA code and trying to figure out the data
path and control path so I can find an appropriate place of observing the
incoming sample stream from ADC and outgoing sample stream to DAC. We hope
to add a customized module which can monitor both sample streams and create
timestamp information for application layers. However, since I only can
learn how this module, *radio.v*, works by viewing the source code, which
is more complicated than I thought, I am actually lost in it.

For example in rx path, I did find there is signals from '*rx_dsp.ddc_chain*'
called *samples[31:0]* connecting to the module '*new_rx_framer*' to
produce *o_tdata[63:0]*, but then I can't figure out the operating logic in
the rest of modules, such as module '*new_rx_control*', '*rx_sfc*', ...,
this signal go through.

Maybe based on what we need we don't have to understand each part in
*radio.v*, and we just need to know how some critical subsets of this
module works to achieve our objective? Or we just need to know where is the
right place for adding our customized module?

As the matter of fact, we have spent few weeks on it and so far we have no
progress. Could anyone please advise me? I would very appreciate it.


*Best Regards,Isen I-Chun Chao*
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